Fog Free Technologies (FFT)

Tu Nezu Eco Remediation Services is committed to providing proactive solutions to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from soil with an eco friendly option. We are proud to be the sole service provider of FFT in Alberta. FFT is a natural and plant based solution which contains no toxic or caustic chemical compounds. It is a patented formula. This solution is a proven alternative to excavation and landfill which is safer, financially advantageous, and environmentally responsible.

FFT is a science based company formed in 1991 with the mission of utilizing bio based materials to solve complex environmental issues. Using science, supported by data and facts, FFT has developed a broad set of products addressing needs in Energy, Agriculture, Turf and Consumer sectors.

FFT Products are designed to produce innovative solutions through the utilization of bio based materials. At the core FFT products are proven to separate complex molecular chains into nano particles allowing for the diverse range of products offered today. FFT scientific innovations provide unique solutions to many of the complex environmental challenges faced today.

The FFT Advantage

  • Completely organic; no heavy metals, bacteria, enzymes or phosphates
  • Non-toxic, pH neutral, and biodegradable
  • Prevents particle recombination, accelerates bio-degeneration
  • Uses naturally occurring bacteria to bio-degrade fats, oil and grease
  • Enables in situ remediation removing transportation and landfill costs
  • Only product of its kind in the Canadian market
  • Listed on U.S. EPA national contingency plan for the prevention of oil spills
  • All components of FFT-Solution Non-Toxic oil Dispersant Agent are listed on TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act), DSL (Domestic Substances List), and NDSL (Non Domestic Substances List). Item may be shipped non-regulated world wide by any means.





We are very proud of our history of successful environmentally friendly products.

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